We are loving Jessica Alba’s messy yet chic boho braid. We might even go as far as to deem this one of our favorite springtime looks.

Since effortless styles are trending right now— we’ve got you covered on what products & techniques are needed to achieve them.

Get Jessica Alba’s messy boho braided look by following these simple steps below:

  1. Give yourself a side part like Jessica’s seen above, that way the front section of your hair will fall more towards the braid.
  2. Apply a Styling Whip from roots to ends of damp hair. Cup and scrunch your hair to encourage natural texture before you start blow drying.
  3. Blow dry your hair using a diffuser. To give your waves some extra bounce, it helps to hold your head upside down or to the side as you blow dry. Tousle and twist your hair while blow drying for a messier look.
  4. Finish with a spritz of Wave Mist to create playful body and wave and/or Glint Texture & Shine Spray if your hair is needing a little more texture.
  5. Section your hair to one side, leaving the pieces surrounding your face free & begin to braid loosely from the middle of your section.
  6. Grab a comb and start teasing each piece of the braid until your desired amount of volume is achieved.
  7. Wrap a tiny piece of the braid around your hair tie and secure with a bobby pin.
  8. Optional: depending on the thickness and natural texture of your hair, you might want to go over the loose pieces with a curling wand if you are wanting more wave.
  9. Finish with Set & Style Spray or a little bit of Hairspray & Voila!

The styling tips above can be used as a starting place for any unruly beached wave style. The braid is just a fun way to switch it up every once in a while!

We want to see your messy boho braids! Tag @arrojonyc @arrojoproduct or @arrojoamericanwave for a chance for you and your boho braid to be featured!


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