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We sat down with NYC hairstylist, Rachel Flores, to talk the trends dominating the bustling streets of New York City.

Here’s your dose of Wednesday wisdom. We hope you get as inspired as we did!
Texture has become such a big trend. We have the American Wave Service and the American Wave Hair Care Line. Why do you think texture has become so big?
The generational gap plays a big part. Young people didn’t experience the bad perms of the 80’s, so they have no fear of getting texture. They look at American Wave Services with fresh eyes. They don’t picture that light socket, electrified hair.

I’ve had American Wave in my hair for the last 4 years and I absolutely love it. Lifestyle-wise, it’s easy. We’re in New York. We want wash and wear because we are busy. I don’t brush my hair. I air dry, put in Glint Texture & Shine Spray, shake and tousle, and that’s it.
Speaking of lived in hair looks, what’s the difference between ombre and hair painting? Do people often get those two confused?
People think they are synonymous. An ombre is a type of look; hair panting is the technique that you can use to create ombre. An ombre describes the melting and the placement of the color to scale from dark to light; hair painting is a highlighting technique.
Has this always been around? Why does it feel like it’s such a hot topic right now?
It’s been around since the 70’s. We only started using foils in the 90’s—now we all associate highlights with foils.

The 2008 economic crisis helped ombre and balayage come back into style because it’s an economic way to color your hair. It grows in really well, it looks natural, and you don’t have to touch it up every 4 weeks. It’s a bible technique that is going to be around forever.

What do you see is the next color trend?
Khakis and beiges are my inspiration this year. I have a double process which I overtone to a much darker shade to get a beige-inspired matte tone. I think it’s a cool look right now. A lot of clients are asking for similar shades.


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