Searching for a fresh new look for the weekend? This hippy-chic headband, seventies center-part, and cascading beach wave combine to create luxurious bohemian style. Slender, round the head headbands are back in fashion this season; they are the ideal accessory for the soft, sultry waves that everybody loves. Casual and carefree, this raging trend is easy to replicate. To find out how, click style notes.

Step: Apply a few pumps of styling whip to damp, towel-dried hair.

Step: Rough dry with blowdryer. Push and toss hair around to encourage swing and movement. Dry to about 80%.

Step: To get those sultry waves, mist protective thickening lotion from mid-lengths to ends. Use a curling iron or wand to create textured waves that waterfall down the neck and shoulders. These waves should start a few inches off the root, so don’t curl the root areas; instead, start a few inches down the hair shaft.

Step: Place headband over and around the style, keeping the crown tucked tight for low volume.

Step: Finish by pulsing layers of refinish dry shampoo into strands and scrunch hair from the underneath as you do. This will build up the waves, adding volume and texture and grip.


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