The strength of this braid is that it helps to create an asymmetrical, short to long ‘do, which is a brilliant, beautifying way to open the face frame. Twines remain on the vanguard for their disheveled elegance, and the low-slung tousled élan of this style is perfect for beatnik spring parties. Styling is a matter of making a chunky braid in the back, then swinging it over the shoulder and wearing it with a sexy, insouciant attitude. To learn how, click style notes.

Step: Apply volume foam to damp hair, roots to ends. Scrunch hair intermittently until almost dry.

Step: Apply refinish dry shampoo all over to increase texture and volume.

Step: Let the braiding begin! Push hair over to one side, the messier the better. Create a loose, three strand braid and push behind the ear. Use the image above as inspiration.

Step: Mist with primp to add hold, texture and grip.


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