I am obsessed with hair color; it’s the reason I became a colorist. Long before I actually knew what I was doing I was a color scientist in my bathroom or kitchen coming up with good way to color my friends hair or my own. Were they perfect? No, but they got the job done and that was all that mattered at the time. You would think my obsession would make me a perfectionist now and while I am for other people, I am almost the opposite for myself. Click the notes for more. ––  Kelly Rowe

It’s just color. 

Because I get that it’s just color I don’t freak out when it isn’t to the exact of what I wanted. It’s totally fine because I can either have it tweaked just then or wait till the next time. I pretty much live by “no big deal, close enough.”

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I’m impatient.

I can barely sit through a single process let alone a full head of highlights but I do both. I wish I could get the Road Runner or Speedy Gonzales to do my hair. I know color isn’t an exact science and sometimes you need a few extra steps but I am willing to forgo perfect shades in order to be done quicker.

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Different hues made me like a different shade.

I found out I liked a darker blonde by someone using the wrong formula on me. I used to always wear a very light blonde but a slight mix-up left me with darker roots that I actually ended up liking. Now I know a mistake may be an unintentional good surprise.

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The colorist doesn’t want you to be mad. 

I used to forget this before I was a hairdresser. Now I get it. No colorist is doing your hair hoping it comes out bad, ugly, or wrong. They want you to be happy and when you aren’t its just as upsetting to them as it is to you but only worse because they know it’s their fault. I’ve learned to forgive and forget. Everyone makes mistakes.



By Kelly Rowe. A Graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School, Kelly is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.  

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