Beautiful girl with light make-up, perfect skin and hairstyle as a braid. Picture taken in the studio on a gray background

Braiding is hugely popular. I have written numerous times about how much I love braids and how they look so great. Braiding a good way to look stylish and keep hair in place at the same time. You can give off a bohemian vibe or an edgy vibe just by picking a different plait or placement. While I love them on other people I don’t on myself. Click the notes for more. — Kelly Rowe

I have fine hair.

My hair is exceptionally fine. What does this mean for braids? They get exceptionally small when I start weaving them together. The only way for me to have a braid in my hair that looks a bit more than micro sized is to add extensions, and who really wants to go through all that work?


I’m not the best braider.

No matter how much I practice or try I just can’t become the level of braider that I want. I am great at simple styles but when it comes to making them a bit more fashionable I just can’t get it right. Normally leading to me giving up and blowing out my hair.


Whimsical and bohemian is really not my style.

I know I said you can make them look so many different ways but I don’t have the ability so all my braids look whimsical and bohemian, and that is really not my style. If I had the ability to twist a strong cool look, I would probably wear it but until I learn that twine I’m stuck with the looser ones.


By Kelly Rowe. A Graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School, Kelly is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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