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Short shapes and bright colors made 2013 a playful and exciting year for hair. Soft placement and gradual transitions gave colors elegance, whether bright or muted. Cropped shapes gave a nod to the classics, with familiar structures in modern finishes. Natural styling, lots of shine and texturized ends gave looks a soft touchable quality. Read on to learn more about my top 5 looks from 2013.  –– Laura Martin

Demi Lovato has experimented a lot with her hair and she can pul off a variety of colors and styles. But the blue color and natural texture shown above feels youthful and fun. The style is both on trend and personalized.

Pamela Anderson has been a sex symbol for decades and her big, blonde hair was a big part of her signature look. But the bouffant had begun to seem tired and outdated. Her daringly short pixie shows off her features and gives her a more sophisticated sultriness.

Sienna Miller is a fashion icon, famous for her boho style. In recent years her look has become more glamorous, but there is still an element of playfulness. Her new peachy ombre feels both decadent and fun.

Coco Rocha is a fascinating mix of femininity and fierceness. Her pale eyes and striking bone structure are perfectly set off by a playful crop and rich copper hue.

Jennifer Lawrence is young fun, and strong, all qualities that are embodied by her sexy short style. Despite some initial criticisms, this shape has become the most inspiring chop of 2013.

Special thanks to Laura Martin for this post. Laura is a professional hair stylist, former senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, and a creative non-fiction MFA student at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA

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