Her explanation of R&B may have lacked luster, but Zendaya can still pull off a shimmering hairdo. Seen walking the red carpet to the Billboard Music Awards, the popster shows off a sleek straight style, reminiscent of the keratin-straight look made famous in the ‘90s. This glamorous high shine finish is great for a night on the town. Learn how to recreate it at home. . .  

Step: Towel-dry freshly cleansed hair. Apply SHINE LUXE Oil from mid-lengths to ends. Blow-dry from roots to ends using a boar bristle round brush. Wrap hair around the brush and blow-dry as smooth as possible.

Step: Once dry, make a center part. It’s a good idea to make it slightly off of center so as not to split the face right down the middle; a touch of asymmetry with soften the face-frame. Now mist whole head of hair with protective thickening lotion and add a few more drops of SHINE LUXE Oil from mids to ends.

Step: Using a smoothing iron, and working from roots to ends, press hair flat and sleek and straight and shine and smooth. Don’t hold iron onto any one section for too long as it can burn the hair; it’s better to go over any unruly bits two or three separate times that holding the iron on for too long.

Step: Finish with a spritz of shine spray for more bedazzle.

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