Zooey’s deadpan take on the bubbly, frivolous girl next door makes hearts flutter. But it’s the deep-set bangs we love. Their flirtatious length drapes over her brows to show off gorgeous baby blues. The high pony keeps it youthful and fresh. Casual and carefree, this is a perfect daytime look for anyone that likes to combine statement bangs with hair off the face. To keep fringes as beautiful as this, get regular salon bang trims. Most good places offer them for free.

Step: Section out a deep bang section. Mist with set & style spray. Blowdry side to side with comb. Then blowdry straight down, also with comb. Tousle with fingers to dishevel and perfect the shape.

Step: Pulse refinish dry shampoo into dry hair. Backcomb the crown a little to encourage extra height for a flirty look.

Step: Gather hair into an elastic band and pull upwards to get a high ponytail.

Step: Finish with holding spray to support and shine.

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